Facility Dog, Lucca, and his handler, Sue, were requested to attend the scene of a fatal workplace accident. The incident involved a City of Vancouver work crew who were pruning trees when a large tree branch fell on one of the crew members, killing him instantly. Not only did the crew witness the accident, but they were involved in resuscitative efforts that unfortunately were unsuccessful. Furthermore, the crew had to remain on scene for hours after the incident as they had to give statements to multiple investigative bodies. The death had been quite violent, and so the crew were being re-exposed to many graphic images while they waited. Lucca visited with all of the crew members, who were experiencing very acute trauma reactions. His presence, the use of his body weight, and cathartic touch of his fur helped to stabilize and regulate the crew during long hours of waiting, giving interviews and writing statements. Many of the crew took turns sitting with and patting Lucca, and some even asked if they could hold his leash while walking and talking with the handler. Once cleared from this scene, Lucca and his handler were requested to attend with police to deliver a next of kin notification to the deceased’s wife and 12 year old daughter. Upon hearing the news of her father’s death, the young girl retreated to her room and only wanted Lucca and his handler to be with her. Lucca lied on the floor with her as she cried and talked about her dad, and seemed to provide a level of comfort to her that no one else could.