At the Zebra Centre we call our clients “Zebra Children”.  This Zebra Child waited all morning, worrying about having to testify. When her turn arrived, she was overwhelmed by the questions she was asked, having to recount the horrors she had been through. She needed a break, so, along with her Zebra Centre advocate and Fletcher, one of Zebra’s 2 facility dogs, she headed back to the waiting room.

Once back in the waiting room, she ran out of the room to another space, curled up and began to cry. Fletcher found her, looked up at her with his big, all-knowing canine eyes, and began to lick the tears from her face. He comforted her until there were no more tears — until this Zebra Child remembered just how brave and strong she was. She marched back into the courtroom, Fletcher by her side, where she bravely stayed until her time in court was over and she could begin to move on.