Kanak from the Sherbrooke Police Department worked his magic when he met a 14-year-old girl who had been sexually assaulted. She was brought into the police station by child protection services for an emergency forensic interview.  Initially she would not make eye contact with the team of investigators nor would she answer any of their usual questions (like what is your name?).  The investigators wondered if she may have some form of autism. They tried to gain her trust by doing some colouring with her, but she remained withdrawn. It was only when the investigators talked to her about Kanak that she began to interact with them.  This prompted the investigators to call Det. Melanie Bedard and ask if she could bring Kanak in to meet the girl.  Kanak arrived and stayed with the girl for three hours.  He remained by her side, not moving, while the investigators proceeded with the interview. She cuddled Kanak, started to relax and eventually began to talk about all of the many assaults she had experienced. The child protection services social worker admitted later she didn’t think the child would talk and she did not understand why they had to wait for Kanak to arrive to start the interview.  She got a first-hand seat to the magic of Kanak and the difference a Facility Dog can make.