Milan and her handler, Vivian, were scheduled to support a young client at a trial.  The case took a long 3 years to get to trial.  On day one of the trial the youth had to anxiously wait all day long while other matters were being dealt with in the courtroom.  Milan waited with her as she nervously awaited her turn to testify.  On day two the client testified, with Milan at their side, but had to go in and out of the courtroom due to counsel arguments.  Again, must of this day was spent, anxiously waiting.  On day three the youth witness underwent cross examination which lasted all day long.  What should have been one day in court for the client ended up being three.  When asked about Milan’s effectiveness, handler Vivian says “Clients consistently say to me that the waiting is the worst part.  In this case Milan was the main reason the youth was able to manage such a long wait.  The client’s mother also said that Milan was great support for her daughter.”