Two children were witness to their mothers murder.  Regina police Sgt. Tia Froh was called in to interview the oldest child.  Merlot and Tia waited with the boy in the family room until it was time or his interview.  The whole time the boy kept asking if Merlot was going to be with him during his interview.  He didn’t want Merlot to leave his side.  He was finally interviewed and pet Merlot the entire time.

After the homicide the boy didn’t want to go back to school.  Everyone knew his father had murdered his mother and he didn’t want to face everyone at school.  Tia had given a presentation about Merlot to all the principals across the city earlier in the year.  That presentation prompted the principal of the boys school to contact Tia and inquire about Merlot helping the boy in getting back to school.  When the boy was asked if he would return to school if Merlot came to school with him he immediately said yes.  Merlot and Tia picked the boy up for school and stayed with him throughout the day.  Everyone focused on Merlot and not what had happened to the boy or his family.  The boy showed Merlot off to everyone in the school, was able to continue going to school and finish off the year.